Gabon will soon have the first Saotomean School

Foto: MECC

Another step was taken to create the first Saotomean School in Gabon. On Monday, the Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Communication took stock of the 3-day visit to Gabon, where the pilot school will be set up”.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Communication, Olinto Daio, told a press conference that the new Sao Tome and Principe school in Libreville will start in September. The conference was the occasion for the Minister to take stock of his visit to Gabon from 12 to 15 April.

The pilot school will benefit children from Saotomean families living in Gabon. It is an educational project that is about 17 years old, an initiative of the Saotomean community in the capital of that country.

Photo: MECC

Olinto Daio said that there is a need to meet the conditions of the Saotomean children in Libreville “so we decided to create a proper school in Gabon for the Saotomeans” in a project that will involve the Sao Tome and Principe embassy in Gabon and the Ministry of Education of the Gabonese Republic.

Having assessed aspects of management, pedagogy and structure, Olinto Daio concluded that the “pilot school” is in “precarious conditions” and announced that the government has decided to take over the school entirely to ensure quality education for all children living in Gabon.

The minister explained that the teachers of the “pilot school” will be selected in Sao Tome and sent to Gabon, where they will collaborate with others already there.

Olinto Daio also announced financial and promotional incentives for the teachers involved in this project, which could also be extended to the Saotomean communities in Equatorial Guinea and Angola.

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