Afro Beauty Tea celebrates “Women at the Vanguard”

STP Digital had a talk with the Afro Beauty Tea mentor, Neusa Sousa, whose second edition will be held on April 21 at 3 pm in the Espelho d’Água space in Lisbon. Neusa spoke about the origin of the event, the concept and the importance of women taking initiative and assuming themselves as protagonists of their lives. Check out.

This year the theme of the event is “Women at the Vanguard”. “We chose this theme because currently women, namely the African women is at the vanguard. They are playing a great role in various areas of intervention, they are serving as a source of inspiration for other women in their areas and they have fostered the development of our continent, “thus the project’s mentor Neusa Sousa (25) justifies the choice of the theme of the second edition of the Afro Beauty Tea. In the production of this edition, Neusa teamed up with fashion designer Roselyn Silva and Paulo Jorge, the man behind the image of the event.

Neusa Sousa – Mentor of the Afro Beauty Tea

Neusa Sousa was born in São Tomé and graduated in Tourism Management at the School of Technology and Management of Viseu. She describes herself as a dynamic, entrepreneur, strong young woman, a friend of her friends, who likes to help others. “I fight for the rights of women and especially of black women, I fight to praise my country and its good name across borders. I struggle to see women at a higher level,” she says.

The young entrepreneur confesses that the idea of ​​the event arose in one of the most complicated moments of her life, so she considers Afro Beauty Tea as a child and she wants the event to grow and become known internationally. “Afro Beauty Tea came out last year when I was 8 months pregnant at home, doing nothing. Since I do not like to be quiet and I really enjoy promoting black entrepreneur African women, I thought this event would be a unique opportunity to promote these women.

Even the project mentor is an inspiration to many young women. She has demonstrated her talent and value as a content producer and reporter for Bem Vindos talk show at RTP África, a channel where São Tomé and Príncipe has almost no presence.

For many a beauty tea means trifles. Neusa clarifies that although the name refers a lot to beauty, the Afro Beauty Tea is much more than that. “It does not mean that talking about beauty is futile. Afro Beauty Tea is an event that energizes dialogue between African and Afro-descendant women in the Diaspora.

It is undoubtedly a rare opportunity to understand the career path of several entrepreneurs. In this second edition of the Afro Beauty Tea, the main objective is to create a strong and wide network of work and contacts among African women as well as serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for many women,” says Neusa.

They look for women who in one way or another are sources of inspiration in their areas. “Women who are completely different and have a life course different from the others, to have a small contrast and to allow more participants to identify with each one,” explains the mentor of the event.

The first edition of the tea happened last year under the theme “Conversations about entrepreneurship, lifestyle and beauty”. “It was an incredible experience, although few resources came out of there with the sense of accomplishment. We have 11 wonderful women of different nationalities and with extraordinary journey of overcoming, strength and perseverance, who told us their story. The event had a success story because 3 of the speakers met there and from that day they began to work together and today they are immensely successful within the community. This is the idea of ​​the event to create a vast networking network, “says Neusa.

In this second edition the focus will be on women in politics and social networks. “We will have very influential women in their areas and in their countries of origin. More: we will have a man! This will be our great surprise,” she adds.

Neusa also speaks of the importance of women taking initiative and assuming themselves as protagonists of their own lives. “I once read that by educating a man we are educating a citizen, but by educating a woman we are educating a nation. I take this phrase and say that if my sisters grow up to see me with an enterpreneur, dynamic spirit, willing to work to make things happen, they will grow up with the same spirit and will pass this on to their daughters and so on. By doing this at home, I also want my “sistahs”, as I call them, also to have this spirit and to transmit this it to their daughters and so on. Another reason for the importance of this event is because I think this kind of experience was lacking here in Portugal where black women are protagonists, our “sistahs” need to have a space where they can talk and where they can transmit their experience.”

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