Lecture on the “XI Sports Games of the CPLP” in Guadalupe

The organization of the “XI Edition of the Sports Games of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries” is already taking shape in Sao Tome and Príncipe. The XI edition of the CPLP Youth Games will be held from July 21 to 28, 2018. It is the first time this competition is being organized by Sao Tome and Príncipe and is also the first expanded edition to the nine member countries of the CPLP.

Last Saturday, youths from the Lobata district received the President of the National Youth Council (CNJ), Calisto Nascimento, and the Director of the Youth Institute of Sao Tome and Príncipe, Jozino Veiga, to discuss “Inclusion of young people in CPLP games” in partnership with the CNJ of the district of Lobata with the Secretary, Zico Rodrigues, as the representative.

The lecture was conducted by the three institutions that addressed fundamental points that elucidated the youth of the district of Lobata on the first games of the CPLP hosted by the country so that “young people understand and share with the community where they are inserted, the importance of sports practice for self-esteem and social skills as well as the importance that these games bring to the country, “said Jozino Veiga.

The President of the CNJ, Calisto Nascimento added that these talks that will be made in all districts of the country, represent forms of association and volunteering “for being the first time that these games will be held in our country, so we understand that it is the participation and integration of all young people and not only of people in localities, that is, of the population in general in the youth games of the CPLP, because we know that the athletes will be here and their families will be with them, which consequently, is good for our tourism. ”

The aim of the CPLP Sports Games is to strengthen solidarity among the citizens of the Community countries and to contribute to the organization of sports associations, increase the flow of tourism and resolve public health issues in the capital of Sao Tome.

With the target audience the youth of the communities, the games count with only 78 participants per member state of the CPLP, and Sao Tomé and Príncipe will receive 690 people, among athletes, judges, delegation of the respective countries of the Portuguese speaking community and medical support.

The Secretary of the district of Lobato of the CNJ, Zico Rodrigues, promises to do everything so that there is a mass participation for the district youth in the games, working side by side with the Town Hall of Lobata, which seeks a partnership, for representing a focal point in encouraging young people to have a partnership with the Office of Youth, Culture and Sport.

“Let’s go, let’s mobilize youth in the district because we want young people to be able to represent the district in all CPLP games that day” Zico Rodrigues.

The students left enthusiastic about the vision of the game. The “XI Sports Games of the CPLP” will be held between July 17 to 22, 2018, settling into the dispute of various modalities such as athletics, adapted athletics, 3X3 basketball, taekwondo, soccer and beach volleyball.

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