Nuno Prazeres presents “Contemporary Interculturality”

“Contemporary Interculturality” – is on display at the Palace of Culture Ildo Lobo, in the city of Praia (Cape Verde), and presents the technique of the Saotomean artist Nuno dos Prazeres.

We can see strong colours and figures that try to give movement to the eyes in the pictures that seem to be alive. Nuno dos Prazeres lives in Cape Verde and exposes a plastic concern that transposes his paint canvas: interculturality.

“Contemporary Interculturality has to do with the cultural exchanges between societies due to the migratory cycles that we receive and still receive. It is talking about processes that we should follow, but we do not follow. For example, I am from Sao Tome and Principe, I came to Cape Verde, I have my way of being, of thinking, my hobbies my fears and when I arrived I came across a series of problems with regard to acceptance. Sometimes my Cape Verdean brother does not accept my way of being and vice versa, often forcing the coexistence with the other and this has to be broken, because we are all citizens of the world, we can be anywhere in the world at any time, “said the artist.

It is in this context that Prazeres works the concept of interculturality, using it to indicate a set of spontaneous and democratic coexistence proposals between different cultures.

The artist also intends to exalt the pro-negro a perspective also contemporary, using much in his works the color black. “We have the craze to take the black and associate it with everything that is bad. So for me that especially like the color black, I decided to show its beauty and use it to define my paintings “.

Prazeres, who says he is open-minded and always connected to the world, explains that his inspiration comes from people around him, people in world politics, in everything that is contemporary and especially inspired by his country of origin, Sao Tome and Principe. Almost from a meditation, as his inspiration refers to, Prazeres says he questions the present world, everything that is around him, thus arising the idea of ​​contemporary interculturality.

The passion for art emerged more than 20 years ago with the second Biennial of Art and Culture held in Sao Tome and Príncipe. “Contemporary art is free. It is not linked to any institution, it is the institution, it is the most advanced way of making art, without taboo and “bla, bla, blas” without having to take something concrete, giving freedom to both the producer and the appreciator ” he emphasized.

Prazeres who dedicates 100 percent of him self to his work expects to be on the list of great plastic artists one day, to make his contribution to humanity, especially Sao Tome and Príncipe “for being my cradle” and Cape Verde “for being the country of my formation as a man of interculturality “.

Unquestionably, Nuno Prazeres drew the attention of the Cape Verdeans and of several tourists with their works that will be exposed until the end of the current month.


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