Privacy Policy

This document sets out the terms on which Tela Digital Media Group Lda., Headquartered in Vila Bombom, District of Mé-Zóchi, holder of Tax Identification Card no. 517234311, limited liability company registered in the Commercial Registry under no. 5369/20150824, Sao Tome and Príncipe, with the share capital STD 150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand new dobras), processes the information collected and used in its applications. All these rules are in accordance with national law.

Tela Digital Media Group protects the privacy of its readers as well as the personal data submitted by them, being responsible for the site www.stpdigital.net (hereinafter, the “Site”).

1) Information collected

STP Digital collects two types of information: personal information and anonymous information. Anonymous information occurs while the user visits the Site and aims to improve the operation of the Site, including content management and prioritization. The user upon optional registration provides personal information voluntarily. All data collected is processed automatically and the information sent by the users is encrypted and managed with advanced security.

Registration is for the user to access the newsletter subscription services, comments and other functionalities provided by STP Digital to their community.

The data collected are intended to: identify community/user members, identify community responsibility and comments, manage permissions for email marketing communications, manage records, manage topics and topics, management of preferences and authors, possible marketing actions.

2) Responsibility

The collection of personal data on the Site is the sole responsibility of Tela Digital Media Group Ltd., which undertakes not to transmit, in any way, personal information of users of the Site to third parties, without proper authorization of the holders of such information.

Tela Digital Media Group Ltd., is not responsible for the content accessed through any link that causes the user to navigate outside the domain www.stpdigital.net, whenever such links are the responsibility of third parties.

Tela Digital Media Group Ltd. uses various forms of technological protection against attacks on users’ personal information.

3) Database Violation

The violation or attempted violation of databases obtained through the Site will result in the initiation of legal proceedings against the offender (s).

4) Updates / Maintenance of personal information

By using the Site, you agree to provide and keep your personal information current and true.

The updating of the reader information can be done through the Personal Area where the user can change or add information.

Tela Digital Media Group Lta will keep and maintain for the necessary period the information/data of the users until instructions to the contrary.

You can access your personal data, obtain a copy of them and/or request its updating or elimination, according to the law, contacting us at the address: Vila de Bombom, District of Mé-Zóchi, Sao Tome and Principe or via e -mail to redacao@stpdigital.net.

5) Anonymous reports

Tela Digital Media Group Lta offers its readers tools to report situations in an anonymous way, thus protecting the source of information. The implementation of this tool is ongoing and this point will be updated as soon as it is completed.

6) Cookies policy

Tela Digital Media Group Lta uses cookies that allow you to improve the user’s browsing performance and experience. Any internet browser allows the user to accept, reject or delete cookies, through the browser’s own settings. If you choose to opt out of cookies, some services on our site will stop working, thus affecting your browsing experience on the site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are short text files with relevant information that your browser processes when a site is visited by a user.

Placing cookies helps the Website recognize the device (tablet, desktop, mobile, etc.) of the user whenever you visit us. Cookies retain only information related to your preferences, not revealing personal information.

In order for your browsing experience to be optimized as much as possible, we recommend that you do not disable cookies. They increase the speed of response in navigation.

Types of cookies:

There are several types of cookies with different features and functions:

Essential Cookies – They are very important to access specific areas of the site allowing a correct navigation.

Feature Cookies – Feature cookies allow user preferences to be saved when you visit the site. In this way, it is not necessary to customize the Site whenever you visit.

Analytic Cookies – This type of cookies allows you to analyze how users use the Site, to know the most popular pages and to monitor the performance of the site, allowing you to perceive possible error messages on the site. Personal information will never be revealed.

7) Final considerations

Tela Digital Media Group reserves the right to change the rules described on this page so we advise frequent visits to this address. We believe users are aware of these policies while browsing www.stpdigital.net.